Community Wellness/Recovery Advocate

Mental Health Association’s initial focus was mental health advocacy. The advocate position was developed in an effort to raise awareness of the rights of individuals with mental health/co-occurring disorders and to reduce discrimination and the negative effects of stigma. Today, this advocacy service is an essential component to a recovery-focused system.

The Community Wellness/Recovery Advocate provides help with:

  • Negotiating a specific aspect of the behavioral health system.
  • Understanding patient rights.
  • Housing and landlord/tenant issues.
  • Information and referral for community agencies

If you are unsure if we can help you, please give us a call and we will try to help or point you in the direction where you will receive the services you need. 724-775-4165

Who can benefit from this service

  • Adults with behavioral health disorders and their families
  • Families with questions and concerns about behavioral health

What to do if in a crisis:

What are the advantages of Choosing a Voluntary Commitment (“a 201”):

Patient rights:

Resource information: