BC-Homes Representative Payee

The BC-Homes Representative Payee assists individuals, who are struggling to maintain stable housing, by budget planning to ensure that all living expenses are covered, and by collaborating with community partners to support the individual’s recovery and community integration. The BC-Homes Payee program differs from our Representative Payee service in that this service is available to individuals whose income source is County Assistance entitlements, wages, in addition, to being available to individuals receiving Social Security benefits.

The Representative Payee provides:

  • Improved housing stability
  • Tools for understanding and acquiring budgeting skills
  • Information and assistance for accessing community supports

Who can benefit from this service?

  • A resident of Beaver County who is experiencing homelessness, has a mental health/co/occurring disorder diagnosis, and needs assistance with managing benefits, entitlements, and/or wages.
  • A child of a parent in the BC-Homes Representative Payee Program.