Phoenix Drop-In Center


Annual prom

Annual prom

The Phoenix Center is a peer run drop in center for persons with a history of mental health/co-occurring disorders. The Center is a place for individuals to socialize, relax, enjoy the company and acceptance of others, and gain support in their recovery efforts. Educational programs, wellness programs, holiday celebrations, and a host of activities are offered at the center. In recent years, increased focus has been on promoting a welcoming environment, developing committees for fundraising and drop-in center governance, and creating more volunteer and employment opportunities through the center.

Phoenix Drop-In Center provides:

  • Adults a safe and supportive place for recreation, education, volunteer and peer support opportunities.
  • A variety of activities like Creative Writing, Craft classes, Bingo, pool, and darts
  • Opportunity for participation in our Smart Shopper program that includes free transportation to Wal-Mart and Aldi’s, recipes, and shopping tips.
  • Free lunch to members Monday-Friday at Noon.
  • Laundry facilities at a minimal cost and free transportation for members to do their laundry at the center.
  • Activities that get members up and moving: Wii bowling, walks, picnics at the park, miniature golf,

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Residents of Beaver County who are 18 years or older and who are current or past recipients of mental health/co-occurring services.

It is easy to become a member of the Phoenix Drop-In Center. Just stop in the Drop-In Center on the first floor of the Mental Health Association and fill out an application.

Membership is free to adults living in Beaver County.

Check the Phoenix Center calendar for evening events